Friday, 17 October 2014

Little Benny Update

Hello kendra and Helen, 

Just thought I would drop you a email and give you a little update on how Benny is doing. I know it seems like a bit of a random time to be giving a update anyways but any chance I get to talk about Benny I do haha! I actually wanted to say thank you again to all the team, the rescuers, the fosters, even the people who support action aid with donations, if it wasn't for all of you people We would have never found Benny, every day there's another way he makes us smile or laugh. I can't even explain how much progress he has made. He's our world and I couldn't picture life without him. 

He was entered into a competition locally which is sort of a little dog show for mixed breeds or unknown breed and he came 1st! We have trained him off the lead, he hates being away from us for 5 minutes so it was pretty simple actually! But he's still our clever little man. There's not a day goes that we don't get complements on walks, what breed is he? where did you get him from? and I'm so proud to say back "he's a rescue dog from Romanian and we adopted him from action aid for animals" you can see more people coming round to the idea of getting a rescue just from chatting about Benny and what all the dogs go through over in these horrific countries. 

He's the sweetest little dog you could ask for and I don't think people realise that adopting a rescue dog isn't taking on a sob story or taking on previous problems! it's one of the most wonderful things you could ever do. They appreciate everything 11000 times more and just want love because they haven't felt it before.

He's officially been spoilt rotten although he doesn't act like it...The look on his face when I buy a new toy or new bed is priceless, complete excitement and looking up at me with his little face like "this is for me?" So I don't think he's forgotten his past just yet... 

He sleeps on the end of the bed every night and ends up on our pillow by morning haha! I don't mind anyways, the amount of times I've woken up and he's slowly made his way underneath my arms and lies into me are countless but I can't say no to his little face. He's gets away with murder with that face! My only wish Is to get him a playmate in the future, jasper(my parents dog, he's a 12yr old beagle) isn't quite up to the mark of a playful puppy nipping his ears and taking over his bed haha! 

Anyways just thought I would let you know how he's getting on and let you all know how fantastic a team you guys are. I couldn't wish for a better dog and it's all down to your charity, I hope Benny will make people realise rescue/shelter dogs are not taking on problems it's taking on part of your family who you couldn't picture life without! 

Lots of love and thanks

Innes, Ellie & Benny x

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